Waxahachie Sewer Line & Clogged Drain Repair

Your sewer line and drain play very important roles in your home. That said, because they remain essentially hidden, it’s easy to forget they even exist. Of course, that changes when they stop functioning properly.

A damaged drain or sewer line will typically sustain more damage until the issue is corrected. That’s why residents of the Waxahachie area need a sewer line and drain repair team they can turn to the moment they notice a problem. At DAZ Plumbing & Locating, we’re on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making sure you never have to worry about finding someone who can help when your sewer line or drain needs fixing.

Signs You Need Sewer Line & Drain Repair

Because these components of your plumbing system aren’t immediately visible, it can be easy to overlook signs of damage. Familiarizing yourself with early warning signs of a problem is very important. The sooner you notice an issue, the sooner you’ll know to contact our repair experts. Get in touch if you spot any of the following warnings:

Slow Drains

A slow drain is the type of plumbing issue that may feel easy to ignore. However, it’s crucial that you don’t. A slow drain is often a sign that some type of obstruction is stuck in your pipes or sewer line. If it isn’t removed, water can accumulate. The buildup of pressure may cause your pipes to burst. This could result in significant water damage, mold growth, and related problems. You’ll save yourself a lot of money in the long run by having the blockage removed before this occurs.

High Water Bills

Have your water bills been unexpectedly high despite there being no apparent changes in your water use habits? If so, this could indicate the presence of a leak in your sewer line. Contact our Waxahachie sewer line and drain repair team to have professionals take a closer look. Like the above example, this is the type of seemingly minor issue that could develop into a much more costly problem if you don’t take action fast.

Messy Yard

High bills are just the beginning of your woes if your sewer line is damaged. A crack in your sewer line can also allow waste material to begin to pool up in your yard. You may notice it has become soggier than usual. Perhaps the yard seems to be giving off an unpleasant odor. Additionally, wildlife may seem to be more attracted to it. These are all signs it’s time to schedule repair service.


Mold thrives in moist environments. Thus, its presence is often a sign of a plumbing issue. If your drains or sewer line are damaged, moisture will often accumulate in various areas of your home. This gives mold the perfect spot to grow.

This is something you can’t ignore. People who are allergic to mold can experience major health difficulties when exposed to it. Even if someone is just mildly allergic, mold will significantly reduce their comfort level in any areas where it’s present. While you definitely need to have mold removed if you find it, you also need to address the plumbing issue that allowed it to develop in the first place. If you don’t, mold will simply develop again in the future.

Key Sewer Line & Drain Maintenance Tips

There are steps you can take to prevent damage to your drain or sewer line. One involves making sure you don’t flush any harmful materials down the toilet or wash them down the drain. Ask our plumbing experts what types of materials should stay out of drains if you’re unsure.

It’s also smart to know where your sewer line is located on your property. You want to avoid parking heavy vehicles or building heavy fixtures over it. The pressure they exert could cause damage. If possible, you should also remove any younger trees planted near the sewer line. As they grow, their roots can break through it.

Sewer Line & Clogged Drain Repair in Waxahachie, Texas

Of course, if you do notice signs of a problem, get in touch with DAZ Plumbing & Locating. Our Waxahachie sewer line and drain cleaning professionals will address the issue fast. They’ll also provide any additional info you need regarding proper maintenance. To learn more about scheduling an appointment, call us at (972) 388-3300 or (817) 382-6848.

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